Far Beyond Surfing

Surfing was my first and ongoing love. My main interests are the beauty and challenge of the waves, the design and making of an ideal surfboard, and the design and making of new surf-spots.

The Basics of Surfboard Design by Bob Smith has been spelling well and was recently translated into Spanish by a publisher in Barcelona.  

A surfboard is a simple device, but the lines that comprise its shape and how they interrelate are very sophisticated. Sophisticated, but not difficult to understand if you know these design basics.

If you’re a beginner, advanced, or top pro surfer, understanding these basics will help in your choice of a surfboard. This book will help you isolate problems you may experience while riding a particular surfboard and how to correct them. It will help you talk to your shaper if you decide to go custom.

Shapers; this book is especially for you. You work with these basics on every surfboard you shape and you’ve learned what works, but you’ve probably never seen an accurate description of how or why. Do you know how to discover what a surfer really wants (often different than what he says)? The answers are contained in this book.

This volume is designed to enhance understanding and stimulate advances in surfboard design.


Attn: Traveling surfers, Entrepreneurs, Manufacturers: I have prototyped an unbreakable, high-performance, surfboard-in-a-suitcase. Previous designs, by others, have had significant drawbacks, limiting their popularity. My design is light-weight, and allows for any shape (get the shape you want, not the only shape offered). A preliminary patent search reveals it to be unique and therefore patentable. Contact me for more info at info@farbeyondsurfing.com.

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The Spanish translation, Cosas que tu shaper nunca te dice, is available at www.thefishboneproject.com

Note that French and Portuguese translations are also planned. Please contact info@thefishboneproject.com

if this interests you.

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